Cube series Line-Array

Make the sound travel to the audience

Creating a discreet sound system with both an attractive design and high-quality output regardless of its location or usage is one of the hardest challenges to face.

“Modularity” is the cornerstone of this system
This concept is appealing, for both permanent and temporary installations. Our CUBsat4 speaker can be added to any regular multi-source installation, of course, but it can also be part of Line Array columns thanks to its smart coupling and angulation system, with up to 8 speakers per column.

Under this scenario, no need for a multitude of amplifiers or power sources since each speaker features its own built-in cabling system: only one amplifier is required to power up both your columns of
8 x CUBsat4.

Well thought-out fixation system
A wide variety of accessories is available, should it be for one speaker, a whole column, for a wall, a ceiling or a speaker stand, and any other case.

Two subwoofers designed to perfectly fit our CUBsat4 are available.

First of all, the CUBsub208, perfect for permanent installations thanks to its discreet design and its supplied wall-mount system.
Then comes the CUBsub112, which is an excellent addition to any temporary installation.



Passive mini line array satellite
CUBsat4 / Passive mini line array satellite
Code : H10663



300W - 12" passive subwoofer
CUBsub112 / 300W - 12" passive subwoofer
Code : H10664



Passive subwoofer with 2 x 8" speakers
CUBsub208 / Passive subwoofer with 2 x 8" speakers
Code : H10665



Suspension bracket for CUBsat4
CUB-BRACKET / Suspension bracket for CUBsat4
Code : H10666



Foot support for CUBsat4
CUB-Wall1 / Foot support for CUBsat4
Code : H10730



Foot support for CUBsat4
CUB-Pole1 / Foot support for CUBsat4
Code : H10731



Fixation support for CUBsat4
CUB-Truss1 / Fixation support for CUBsat4
Code : H10732