Ti series amplifiers

The perfect music of silence

When silence is a very important factor, you can rely on the Ti series which works as silently as possible.

That makes them perfect for studio, permanent installations and theatres.
These Class D amplifiers feature SMPS units and offer a perfect sound reproduction despite their ultra-compact size.
With every connection you need, they're perfectly adapted for any sound system, studio, and even HiFi applications.
They also feature thermal and electronic protections, so you can operate them safely and with great serenity.



2x150W Amplifier
Ti300 / 2x150W Amplifier
Code : H9672



2 x 250W amplifier
Ti500 / 2 x 250W amplifier
Code : H9673



4x150W Amplifier
Ti154 / 4x150W Amplifier
Code : H10412