ATOM series

Active speakers with integrated DSP

The ATOM series is equipped with a simple DSP and is easy to use. It allows you to adjust and configure your speaker to the required use with the touch of a button. The internal processor's different presets adapt your speaker to the current use (front, backstage, etc.) but also the current sound application (DJ, Live, Speech, etc.) without forgetting the ability to correct bass and treble +/- 10dB in order to compensate for a room's acoustic problems, for example.

Each ATOM speaker offers two inputs and one output, a large choice of connectivity in order to connect all kinds of sources at Micro or Line level.

The design of this new series provides usage flexibility and exceptional installation thanks to M10 attachment points, backstage position and an ingenious 35mm double position base allowing the speaker to be used on a stand in a straight or inclined position of 7.5° downwards.



15" 400W speaker with DSP
ATOM15A / 15" 400W speaker with DSP
Code : H10781



12" 400W speaker with DSP
ATOM12A / 12" 400W speaker with DSP
Code : H10780



10" 300W speaker with DSP
ATOM10A / 10" 300W speaker with DSP
Code : H10779



18" active subwoofer with DSP
ATOM18ASUB / 18" active subwoofer with DSP
Code : H10783



15" active subwoofer with DSP
ATOM15ASUB / 15" active subwoofer with DSP
Code : H10782



ATOM10A protective cover
COV-ATOM10A / ATOM10A protective cover
Code : H10784



ATOM12A protective cover
COV-ATOM12A / ATOM12A protective cover
Code : H10785



ATOM15A protective cover
COV-ATOM15A / ATOM15A protective cover
Code : H10786



ATOM15ASUB protective cover
COV-ATOM15ASUB / ATOM15ASUB protective cover
Code : H10787



ATOM18ASUB protective cover
COV-ATOM18ASUB / ATOM18ASUB protective cover
Code : H10788



Kit of 4 wheels for ATOMSUB subwoofer
ATOM-WHEELS / Kit of 4 wheels for ATOMSUB subwoofer
Code : H10875