SPRINTER 120W series

Versatility, power and quality. They simply do everything very well

One at first assumes it simply is a super-powerful, multi-functional system.
Everybody can hear it produces an incredible 120W power output as performing with voices as with music.
Careful observers might also notice the integrated wheels, supplied protective cover and incredible robustness of the SPRINTER systems.
But when you look under the hood you will be amazed by the many storage spaces, the 10" loudspeaker and 1" driver, and the two extra-batteries allowing a several hours performance.
If you really want to try to wear it down it will bring in reinforcements: 2 UHF microphones and 2 wired microphones, a cassette player or a USB/CD/SD player, or even a
single USB player.
The SPRINTER represents off-road raw power and precision within a mobile speaker adapted to your nomadic installations.


Discontinued product

120W passive speaker
PASSSPRINT / 120W passive speaker
Code : H9983


Discontinued product

120W self-powered system
SPRINTER-One-V122 / 120W self-powered system
Code : H9977


Discontinued product

120 Watts self-powered system - Built-in CD/MP3/USB/SD player and UHF microphones
SPRINTER122 / 120 Watts self-powered system - Built-in CD/MP3/USB/SD player and UHF microphones
Code : H9837


Discontinued product

CD/USB/Bluetooth® module
CD-RUN BT / CD/USB/Bluetooth® module
Code : H10184


Discontinued product

Protective cover for SPRINTER systems
COV-SPRINT / Protective cover for SPRINTER systems
Code : H9986


Discontinued product

Handheld UHF microphone emitter
EMET-HAND / Handheld UHF microphone emitter
Code : H9980


Discontinued product

Headband microphone
EMET-HEAD / Headband microphone
Code : H9981


Discontinued product

Cassette playing/recording module
RUN-K7 / Cassette playing/recording module
Code : H8206


Discontinued product

USB player
USB-RUN / USB player
Code : H9982